Remote work
with less… work

When we set out to modernize Internet forums by creating Discourse seven years ago, we discovered that it was an amazing tool for asynchronous communication and teamwork.

Discourse for Teams is a private, focused version of Discourse with special tools to enhance remote work, productivity and internal discussions.

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Work wherever, whenever

Ever forget something that was mentioned in a meeting? Tired of looking for a specific conversation across a never-ending chat log? Can‘t find that one important reply in an endless email chain?

Your team‘s decisions can‘t be needles in a haystack.

Discourse for Teams is searchable, organized, and asynchronous discussion. It‘s your team‘s long-term memory.

Escape email
& chat silos

Engage your team with organized discussion and forget endlessly scrolling through chat logs.

Work better,

Create a self-service hub of common questions, interesting ideas, and useful discussion.

Discuss more,
meet less

Stop chasing schedules and forgetting you‘re on mute; share a space where everyone gets a say.

Driven by discussion

Written communication is fundamental for successful teams.

Start with a simple discussion and sprinkle in extra features as needed.

You can embed calendars, assign tasks, create polls, build charts… plus so much more!


for up to 5 team members
$6.67/month for additional members

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