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Companies are simply communities of people working together. Building on the foundation of Discourse's open-source community platform, Discourse for Teams has the features your team needs to work together in a helpful and thoughtful manner.

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A more deliberate work environment

Slack messages are rarely urgent, but when you're getting pinged all day, it's hard to get work done. Discourse for Teams helps your company be more deliberate by limiting unnecessary distractions.

Your team's long-term memory

Meeting notes disappear, emails end up forgotten, and Slack logs get erased. Your team needs a place to store and find relevant information for the long-term. Whether it's a how-to guide, onboarding checklist, or project discussion, Discourse for Teams keeps this information handy — for now and for the future.

GitHub Zapier Integromat

Out-of-the-box integrations

Discourse for Teams integrates with GitHub, Slack, and more out of the box — no special pricing tiers or upsold packages required. Plus, our extensive API allows easy connection with countless applications via services like Zapier or Integromat.

Why customers   Discourse for Teams

Top notch support

Our customer service is the number one reason our customers love working with Discourse. If you get stuck, reach out to our support team — you'll see. We're responsive, helpful, and work with you to get any issues resolved as quickly as possible.

Backed by open-source

Discourse for Teams is a set of customizations built upon our open-source community product, Discourse. That means you get the peace of mind from using a highly customized version of an open-source app without the cost of paying developers and the hassle of maintaining your install. Oh, and you fully own all your data — no data lock-in here!

Made by a remote team, for remote teams

The folks making Discourse are part of a fully remote, asynchronous team, and they've used Discourse to coordinate those efforts since 2013. Discourse for Teams takes all the lessons the company learned about working remotely and gives you a communication platform to take your team to the next level.

Discourse for Teams vs. Slack:
What's right for my team?

Choosing the best software for your team might seem like a difficult choice, but it doesn't have to be.

The main factor in your decision is your company culture. Do you thrive working at a breakneck pace, jumping in and out of meetings and chats all day long? Then Slack might be for you.

Or does your team benefit from deeper focus, fewer interruptions, and flexible work hours? This is where Discourse for Teams shines.

If your company is already using Slack, you can use both! Discourse for Teams and Slack pair well together if you view chats and discussion topics as your company's short- and long-term memory, respectively. Slack works well for quick, in the moment exchanges (i.e. handling urgent issues), where Teams excels at slower-paced, more thoughtful discussions (i.e. handling follow-up discussion and todos after an event). When the important, relevant discussion moves from Slack to Discourse for Teams, the entire company benefits for the long-term.

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